Until The Sun

by Go Big

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released February 10, 2016

Until The Sun video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jYuT0MtvC4

Jason Rutcofsky - Lead Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Synthesizer
Joe Masterson - Drums
Michael Rutcofsky - Bass
Jessica Rutcofsky - Lead Vocals, Violin, Mandolin
Noreen LaNasa - Trumpet
Stephen Saylor - Lead Guitar, Piano
David Solomon - Trombone, Guitar, Vocals
Steve Garcia - Trumpet
Willie and Noli - Dogs
Song 1 lyrics and music by David Solomon
Songs 2-4 lyrics and music written by Jason Rutcofsky
Additional songwriting by Go Big
Engineer/Producer/Mixing/Mastering: Tom Malinowski
Producer: Jason Rutcofsky
Art Direction: Joe Masterson

Love Is a Good Thing

Love is a good thing when you get it right the first time around
Love is a good thing at the end of the night when things are winding down
Love is a good thing when you get it in return
But when it goes one way, it hurts
Lesson learned...

I was handing you the keys to the city but you would throw them back as quick as you could
I was hoping really hard you would miss me and in my heart, I always knew that you would
you really had the nerve to dismiss me and it's kinda what I've come to expect

It's a downer, it's a gut check
It's a sure thing as a sunset

If there ever was a sign that I was trying to hard, I must have been busy looking over the bar
I'm out of excuses, I've played all my cards
My hand never came and now it's gotten too hard
I'm sure you had a million reasons
I know I've probably got a million regrets

But you know what? It's a good thing
For the first time, it's a feeling

Until The Sun

I came here looking for something and I found you
slangin in the corner of a filthy old booth

I’ve been awake for two days straight
she said you know thats not good for your health
I’m staying up again tonight
and I don't think that I should be alone

people round this town been saying 'your scum'
well i don’t see it baby but I’m just looking for fun

been wandering these streets since half past four
i’ve had some but you know i’m looking for more
i walk around and around again
until the sun (sun) until the sun comes up
until the sun comes up looking to even the score

Making Up Ground

drove down towards beach
the rain fell, it spurred us on
brake lights reflecting on the pavement
and we’d drive to those old songs

i’d say that i love him
he’d say that he cared
i’d whisper forever
but he never dared
life can be hard
it drags you down
but it’s how you react,
i’m making up ground

(with you) its the same old game every time
if you’d only try i know that we could really shine
making up your mind and trying to control mine
i’m so sick, so sick of this daily grind
i dont have the heart to say goodbye to yesterday
can’t turn away

i’ll find a way
yes i will find a way
im gonna fight and i’ll say

You Catch More Flies With Vinegar

there’s no one there
it’s just a lie told to quell the scared and weak
but i believe in stars,
i believe in science,
i’m sure no one is looking
and watching every single little thing i do
there’s no one watching me
there’s no one watching you

you might find out that it's inspiring
we’re all afraid of the dark, don’t be afraid of the truth

and when those dark thoughts start to creep in your head
as you lie there alone huddled in your bed
you believe what you want, just don’t fear what’s ahead,
live in the now, when you’re dead you’ll be dead

please don’t ruin the world on account of some old book
from two thousand years ago, we need a change
you say it says to love your fellow man
but all i see is hate and wars and lies

quit hedging bets
your 'just in case' doesn’t make any sense at all
try and actually read the texts
that you’re quoting
its time you confront your misconceptions
no need to further spread the lies
don’t need a man in the sky to tell whats wrong or right

and when i hear about a priest touching some kid
or read in the paper what some rabbi did
your crusades, genocides and your jihads
have they pleased any of your gods?

and then you try and legislate who can love whom
and people get killed for drawing cartoons
dont teach safe-sex or evolution in schools?
d’we need another generation of fools? no!



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